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White Sage Smudge Stick - Clearing

This white sage stick is all organic and sustainably farmed right here in Australia. They are made from long stems of white sage rather than small bits tied together, so they never fall apart. They are easy to stub out, so are long lasting and can be reused over and over.

For hundreds of years, white sage has been considered a sacred plant, used to cleanse, purify, and protect inside and outside of ourselves. Burn the sage in the space you wish to clear, it can also be used on people, animals and crystals. Repeat a positive affirmation during the cleansing if you so wish. Pair with one of our ceramic dishes for the ultimate sacred kit.

As the smoke moves through the room or over a surface, the smoke attaches itself to any heavy, negative or unwanted energy that may be present. When the smoke clears, this energy is transmuted.

Materials: Pure organic, sustainably farmed white sage, cotton yarn

Measurements: Approx 16.5cm

Made in: Grown and Made in Brisbane, Australia

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