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Veggie Saver

The Veggie Saver Produce Bag

These incredible produce storage bags create the ultimate environment to prolong the life of your fruits and vegetables, without the use of plastic. They're ethically and fairly produced with 3 breathable layers of cotton allowing fruit and vegetables to breath and stay hydrated, which helps to extend the life of fresh produce by 2 weeks (on average), or up to 5x longer. Conversely, storing fresh produce in plastic bags creates a less-ideal environment as produce can sweat, allowing bacteria to grow and decaying produce much more rapidly. 

To use: You want the outside layer to be damp (less so on the inside layer) so run under the kitchen tap then squeeze out excess water. Place your produce inside the bags, close the flap, and store in the fridge. If the outer layer dries out whilst in use, just spritz with a bit of water to keep damp. This damp outer layer allows the produce to draw in water to remain hydrated, as and when required.

Materials: Made from unbleached, unseeded cotton (making it non-toxic and non-allergenic).

Care Instructions: Cool machine wash before use. Compostable at end of life.

Measurements: Small: 37cm x 24xm (closed) 37xm x 38cm (open).

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