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The Little Gifter

The Little Gifter Precious Purpose Oils - I Love - Rose Quartz

These Precious Purpose Oils are an enchanting pairing of gemstones and pure essential oil blends, with each blend formulated for a specific purpose. Use it as a natural perfume or when it's purpose is needed. With each roller ball made from crystal, as well as crystals in each bottle which have been cleansed by sage or supercharged by moonlight. 

Tigers Eye: Courage and protection. Orange, cedarwood, lime, bergamot, frankincense, ylang ylang, geranium. Chakra: Solar Plexus and Root.

Rose Quartz: Love, compassion and kindness. Orange, lime, geranium, patchouli, ylang ylang, rose. Chakra: Heart.

Amethyst: Transformation, protection and sleep. Orange, lavender, mailette, petitgrain, chamomile, sandalwood. Chakra: Crown.

Clear Quartz: Mental clarity & healing. Lemon, rosemary, basil, peppermint Chakra: All.

Care instructions: Apply to pulse points on wrists, behind the ears, base of your neck, and chest. 

*If pregnant or breastfeeding, please consult your doctor before use.

Materials: Glass oil bottle, rose quartz roller ball, plastic lid

Ingredients: Essential oils (Orange Sweet*, Lime Cold Pressed*, Geranium*, Patchouli*, Ylang Ylang Complete*, Rose Otto), Fractionated Coconut Oil, Rose Quartz chips cleansed by sage or supercharged by moonlight. *Organic 

Capacity: 10ml

Measurements: 11.5cm x 1.5cm

Made in: Handmade in Perth

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