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Seed and Sprout

Seed and Sprout Farmers Market Shopping Bundle

The ultimate shoppers set! This makes the perfect gift for those who want to start on their plastic-free, eco life. This set comes with 14 pieces to carry everything your shopping heart desires.

Comes with:

2 x Pocket Totes - Large, canvas and super sturdy reusable market bag with 6 large interior pockets for keeping organised, balancing weight and so jars and veg don’t bang up against each other.

2 x Mixed Mesh Totes - Handy string bags with canvas bottoms to stop things falling out

5 x Assorted size Mesh Produce Bags – Shop loose fruit, vegetables and herbs

5 x Assorted size Bulk Food Bags - The Fine mesh keeps bread fresh; also perfect for finer items like when you buy bulk flours, lentils and nuts 

Materials: Organic cotton

Care Instructions: Wash in cold water and line dry. Organic cotton shrinks when exposed to heat

Measurements: Pocket Tote: H30cm x W49cm

Mixed Mesh Tote: H60cm x W65cm

Mesh Produce Bags: X-Small: H22cm x W14cm Small: H23cm x W15cm Medium: H30cm x W23cm Large: H42cm x W27cm X-Large: H46 x W33

Bulk Food Bags: X-Small: H22cm x W14cmSmall: H23cm x W15cmMedium: H30cm x W23cmLarge: H42cm x W27cmX-Large: H46 x W33