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One Seed

One Seed Organic Perfume - Symphony


One seed makes natural perfumes which are free from synthetics and uses at least 80% certified organic ingredients- they are gentle on both the skin and the environment. Natural fragrance has the ability to create complex scent profiles that change In depth and character when in contact with skin. This means that when you wear a ONE SEED perfume, you are experiencing a version of fragrance that is completely unique to you. Vegan and Cruelty-free.

Dreamer: Floral and summer fruits. Orange blossom, tangerine, mimosa, stonefruits, pink peppercorn, ginger, fig and clary sage.

Freedom: Soft floral musk. Pink grapefruit, rose, magnolia, cedarwood, fresh cut-grass, pale musk, rosewood.

Seeker: Fresh green gourmand. Coconut, pake vanilla, skin musk, sea salt, roasted basmati rice, coriander seed, ylang-ylang.

Bohemia: Gourmand amber oriental. Dark chocolate, amber, jasmine, pink grapefruit, tonka bean, rose, black tea.

Symphony: Exotic warm floral. Jasmine, cardamom, oakmoss, vetiver, green mandarin, rose.

Materials: Glass bottle, wood and plastic lid, plastic atomiser, cardboard packaging.

Ingredients: Natural ethanol from grapes* (ethyl alcohol), 100% natural fragrance/parfum: (extracts from) clove bud*, rose, mandarin, cardamom*, jasmine (several different jasmine extracts including organic extract), vetiver*, peru balsam, oakmoss^), distilled water (aqua). *certified organic. 100% natural. 84.89% certified organic. 

Capacity: 30ml

Made in: Australia

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