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Jonny Vegan Condoms - Lovers Dozen


Jonny condoms are vegan friendly, all natural condoms which are made from natural latex. This latex originates from the rubber plant, which breaks down over time, compared to the non-latex version that does not break down and is made from plastics. Most condoms are flushed down the toilet, which is having a devastating effect on marine life and waterways. So by pairing each condom with a FabLittleBag, Jonny aims to change the behaviour and perceptions around how personal items are disposed of. This bag is made almost entirely of natural materials, 100% biodegradable and takes only 12 months to break down in landfill. Jonny is lubricated (palm oil free) and does not use or contain any spermicides or parabens. They are smooth and thin, but strong at the same time! It is easy to always have these condoms on-hand, tucked away in your bag, bedside table or in your backpack.

Materials: Natural rubber latex, cornstarch, silicone oil,  foil wrapper, PEFC certified boxes, FabLittleBag for planet friendly disposal - 100% biodegradable made almost entirely of natural materials.

* Jonnys foil wrapper is an element of our packaging that cant be avoided; by law, all condoms must be wrapped in foil, which is not biodegradable

Capacity: 13 condoms

Care instructions: Use as a normal condom and dispose of with care using the FabLittleBag provided.

Measurements: Jonny fits most. 53mm diameter and is ultra thin at 0.65 microns 

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