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Hello Menstrual Cup - 2 pack

Blue + Blush
Lilac + Blue

The hello cup is a complete game changer when it comes to your period. They are hypoallergenic and reusable for years. Wonderful for those who are looking for a cup which is free of silicone, rubber, latex, BPAs and heavy metals. The unique smooth design, attention to detail and internal rim have led to Hello Cups being described as the most comfortable menstrual cup on the market. Recyclable at end of life.

This is a great option if you’re unsure of what size to pick or if you want more than one cup. You get two cups in individual cotton bags in one box. Each Hello Cup will las at least 5 years.

Sizing is less about flow and more about fitness and age.

XS is suitable for teenagers, petite users or mini tampons

S/M is the ‘one size fits most’ – recommended for users under 35 – regardless of whether you have had children or not

LRG is best for over 35 and those who have had children

Materials: Highest quality medical-grade TPE (thermoplastic elastomer). The colours used are certified food grade and comply with EU and FDA standards

Capacity: XS – 17.5ml S/M – 21ml LRG – 28ml

Measurements: XS U – 38mm diameter x 57 long S/M - 41mm diameter x 59 long LRG - 45mm diameter x 64 long

Care Instructions: Wash your hands prior to use. After removing your cup, empty it and rinse under the tap with cold water (to prevent stains). If you're not near a sink, simply empty your cup into the toilet, wipe with toilet paper and reinsert. You can leave your cup in for 12 hours, though recommended to change every 8 hours is possible. At the end of your period, sterilise your cup before you put it away. Place cup in boiling water for 3 minutes. Do not leave your cup soaking for longer than 30minutes as this will damage your cup.

Made In: New Zealand

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