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Earth Purities

Earths Purities Mens Natural Deodorant - 60g


This deodorant is a semi-solid paste, which has been formulated to suit harsh climates using the power of organic coconut oil, shea butter and beeswax (which has been harvested from a local beekeeper who only uses excess wax to ensure sustainability for the colony). It contains Australian bentonite clay and diatomaceous earth which assist in magnetically drawing out toxins and heavy metals, detoxing your armpit. Accompanied with carefully blended essential oils and natural vitamin E oil to ensure antiseptic and antibacterial properties and softer smoother skin. With essential oils such as bergamot, petitgrain and frankincense, this deodorant has a smokey, woody and citrus scent. Comes with a bamboo spatula for convenient use.

If switching from an antiperspirant, give your body a couple of weeks to cleanse out toxins and adjust to natural deodorants. We suggest detoxing your armpits first with Detox-A-Pit.

Care Instructions:Using the bamboo spatula provided, scrape a pearl-sized amount and apply under arms until dispersed evenly. Do not use on broken skin

Materials: 100% post-consumer recycled paper box, wax paper, bamboo spatula

Ingredients: Organic coconut oil*, *organic shea butter, organic arrowroot, organic beeswax, aluminium free bicarbonate soda, organic carnauba wax, diatomaceous earth, organic bentonite clay, lemon myrtle essential oil, petitgrain essential oil, bergamot essential oil, frankincense essential oil, lavender essential oil, natural vitamin E oil *Certified Organic

Capacity: 60g

Made in: Gold Coast, Australia

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