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Brush with Bamboo

Brush with Bamboo Toothbrush with Castor Bean Oil Bristles - Childs Soft

The worlds first and only plant-based bristle and bamboo toothbrush. The bristles are made from 62% castor-bean oil and 38% nylon. It is the only plant-based bristle available that lasts as long as conventional nylon. The bristles are bio-based, but still not biodegradable, though are still a step better than all nylon bristles. This toothbrush is a Childs Soft. Available also in Adult.

Care Instructions: At the end of life, compost bamboo handle. Break off the head or remove bristles with pliers.

Materials: Packaging: Cardboard (no glues), plant cellulose wrapper (compostable) Toothbrush: Organic bamboo handle, 62% non-GMO castor bean oil and 38% nylon bristles

Made in: Bristles made in the USA. Handle and packaging is made ethically in China.

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