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Alexander Mills

Brass Coffee Mill

Handmade in Greece using traditional techniques. It is a manual operated, brass coffee mill with receiving cup to collect the ground coffee. Metal grinding mechanism adjusts from fine to coarse. With a durable metal body, grinding your coffee will give you the freshest flavour and aroma to your coffee.

The makers of these handcrafted mills are a family-run company who have produced a range of grinding mills since 1977. The robust design of the mills was originally based on a portable coffee mill created in the early 1900s for Greek soldiers to use in the field.

Materials: Brass grinder. Cardboard packaging.

Measurements: 4.5cm D x 26.5cm H

Care Instructions: Your mill will need some regular care and maintenance to keep it in good working order. Its important to clean the mill regularly, keep its contents fresh and avoid exposure to moisture. Never wash the mill in water or in the dishwasher. Only use the mill for grinding ingredients it was intended for.

Fill from the top by unscrewing the top knob and removing and replacing the handle and lid. To adjust the grind, adjust the screw on the underside of the grinding mechanism at the bottom of the mill. Brass and copper are naturally resistant to corrosion, but like all metals, they will inevitably oxidise and change in appearance with touch and with use and through exposure to moisture and oxygen in the air. This process is part of the nature of metal and brings with it an attractive patina of use. If you prefer to retain a bright polished look, most mills can be polished with metal cleaner or with salt and white vinegar for a natural solution.

Made In: Handmade in Greece

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