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Baby Beehinds

Baby BeeHinds Reusable Night Nappy


This is officially one of the best night nappies you will find – a best seller globally! Designed for medium to heavy wetters, this is a must-have in your cloth nappy stash. Side snaps allow independent fastening at the waist and thigh, so no matter what shape your bub, you can customise the perfect fit. It is a fitted style nappy, so the whole nappy is absorbent to get your little one through the night. Designed with customised bamboo fleece for superior absorbency – you can get up to 23 layers of absorbency with this style. Featuring an outer layer of velvety organic cotton velour and a super-soft microfleece inner lining. Snap-in ‘quick-dry' absorbency with two long ‘tails’ means you can customise for boys or tummy sleepers to add extra layers where it is needed. We recommend 5+ night nappies per baby, to allow for washing every second day. Extra are needed to allow for drying time. This nappy will need to be teamed with one of the wool covers to make them waterproof.

Medium: 5kg - 11kg 

Large: 10.5kg - 16kg

 Materials: These nappies are made from natural fibres using renewable resources, and lined with a stay-dry layer (synthetic) to keep baby's bum dry. 

Care instructions: Before first use, pre-wash nappy and inserts 3-4 times (NB: they will reach their best absorbency after 8+ washes). 

To use: Rinse soiled nappies and place in a dry pail (no need to soak in water, though a lid is recommended to contain any smells). Wash nappies every one to two day. Wash at max 60 degree with a standard dose of detergent. Line dry or tumble dry on LOW. Do not soak, bleach or wash with fabric softeners.

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