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Baby Beehinds

Baby BeeHinds Bamboo Fitted Reusable Cloth Nappy

This nappy is one of the most absorbent nappies on the market. This nappy is buttery soft, shaped and contoured with elastics in all the right places to keep things contained. It has up to 11 layers of bamboo fleece in the wet zones, though the whole nappy is absorbent. It is a 1 size fits all nappy with adjustable snaps on the front for different sizes. Suitable for babies from newborn through to toddlers. Suitable for day or nights with the addition of a cover.

Day: Add a waterproof cover 

Night: Add a Wool cover 

Materials: 60% bamboo fleece, 30% organic cotton, 10% polyester

Care instructions: Before first use, pre-wash nappy and inserts 3-4 times (NB: they will reach their best absorbency after 8+ washes). 

To use: Rinse soiled nappies and place in a dry pail (no need to soak in water, though a lid is recommended to contain any smells). Wash nappies every one to two day. Wash at max 60 degree with a standard dose of detergent. Line dry or tumble dry on LOW. Do not soak, bleach or wash with fabric softeners.

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