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Apiary Made

Apiary Made Beeswax Wraps - Fabric Drawer - 3pk


These food wraps are designed by artisans and are a gorgeous, natural, healthy and sustainable alternative to using plastic wrap to store your food and produce. Simply use the heat of your hands to shape the wrap around food or bowl. The wrap will stick to itself and create a seal. When cool, the beeswax will hold its shape.

Lasts 12 months + being used a few times a week. (NB: you can choose to re-coat the wraps at home with a DIY kit to refresh the 'sticking power'). Biodegradable and compostable at end of life.

Care Instructions: Avoid raw meats and heat sources. Simply hand wash in cool water with gentle soap. Let dry naturally or gentle pat dry and store away from heat until next use.

Materials: Organic cotton fabric, pure beeswax, organic jojoba, tree resin.

Measurements: Assorted 3 pack includes: 1 x (20cm x 21cm), 1 x (25cm x 26cm), 1 x (32cm x 34cm).

Made in: Ethically sourced, handmade in Australia.

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