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29L Parker Safety Razor Closed Comb

This safety razor's weight is beautifully balanced and lighter than most safety razors, making it suitable for both men and women to use. It has a long, thin, textured handle to ensure a non-slip grip in the shower, while also making it more maneuverable. It has a ‘butterfly’ opening mechanism to change your blades. This product will last a lifetime, and with only the blades needing to be replaced, it is a wonderful plastic-free option. Blades sold separately.

Materials: Packaging: Cardboard box Product: Nickel-plated brass

Care Instructions: To load blades: Unscrew the handle by twisting it anti-clockwise, this will open like a butterfly. Insert the blade between the two parts that form the head. Screw everything back together.

To shave: At the end of your shower when your skin and hairs are soft, apply shaving cream, soap or oil. Apply short strokes while holding the razor at 30°. If it's your first time using a safety razor, we would advise you to apply absolutely no pressure, using only the weight of the razor. You will learn gradually the amount of pressure you can apply, though it will be less than what you are used to applying with a plastic razor.

After shaving: Rinse razor under the water stream. Store razor outside of shower between uses.

Measurements: 11.2cm / 82 grams

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