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Our Story

Hi there,

We’re Emma & Leah - the sister duo behind Zero Store.

Zero Store has been one amazing journey. It started as a small extension of our restaurant  Mother – with products to support a healthy, sustainable lifestyle. As our personal journeys toward zero waste living developed, so did the products we were seeking out.

We soon discovered that to make the product choices we wanted to make, we were having to source items from lots of different shops, all over our local area and online. There was no ‘one-stop-shop’. Not easy, and certainly not convenient enough to encourage people to make the switch.

What we did know though, was that once people were informed of better options and the impact of the choices we make, most people want to make a greener choice. But it also has to be practical, affordable and within reach!

Pretty soon, we became super motivated to bridge that gap – to make low-waste living easy, convenient, enjoyable, and possible by bringing together the most comprehensive range of the best plastic-free products available, all in the one-shop, to remove the guess-work and hunting around for available options on the market. Our approach? If it’s out there, it works really well, and it ticks the right boxes, we stock it!

As the store and team has grown, it’s been super important to us that the people we work with are equally passionate about the lifestyle and assisting our customers on their own journeys. We’re so fortunate to work with a pretty amazing team of beautiful, passionate women who care! Meet our team

About Us

Our beloved storefront is based in Fremantle WA and is our pride and joy – it’s housed in a converted 1920s warehouse alongside our sister company Mother, and with good-friends YogaLab upstairs – it’s a pretty special little setup. We adore creating an ever-evolving space to come browse and experience the products we offer, and a place to meet and chat, share ideas and help you find that perfect solution.

And now our online store allows us to better serve those who can’t visit us in person, Australia-wide.

Whether you’re brand new to zero waste and plastic-free living, or you’re deep into the journey, we’re here to help and support you! Come in for a chat or get in touch and let us together help find solutions to reducing the waste we collectively produce, on this beautiful planet we call home.

Thanks for being a part of the solution!

Em & Leah 

Our mission? To make living a zero waste, plastic free lifestyle easy, convenient and enjoyable!

Our commitment? To have the biggest range at a great price, served by people who care and are living the lifestyle. To ensure every product is vetted for its ingredients, production methods, quality and performance, so you can shop with confidence.